Wagonmaking has also become an almost extinct trade outside of the large wagon factories; and we meet a very old man, when we meet one who has made wagons. This trade, or what is left of it, is also performed mostly by the farrier or the smith; and to tell the truth, the work is not always the best, for a jack of all trades is a failure. But when we have not the wagonmaker, and the work must be done, we must excuse the farrier or the smith for their shortcomings. In many cases, lack of knowledge is the cause of a poor piece of work. This volume will give the smith or farrier, as the case may be, information on such work, which is regarded as a trade secret with wagonmakers, and must be understood in order to make the wheels “go around.” We shall begin with forging, and take up the different kinds of work that come within the scope of a modern blacksmith, horseshoer, and wagonmaker.