Wagonmaking has also become an almost extinct trade outside of the large wagon factories; and we meet a very old man, when we meet one who has made wagons. This trade, or what is left of it, is also performed mostly by the farrier or the smith; and to tell the truth, the work is […]

Horseshoeing is a distinct trade, but to most people blacksmithing and horseshoeing are synonymous terms. There are thousands of smiths who have never nailed on or made a horseshoe, and there are a great number of horseshoers who cannot be termed “smiths” in that sense of the word, for their knowledge of blacksmithing is limited to the […]

“If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, there must be put to more strength.”  – Solomon Only ten years ago, the blacksmiths, wagonmakers, and horseshoers who read a trade journal, or a book devoted to their trade, were few and far between.  It is not what it ought to be […]

The author of this book has been prompted by two reasons in the undertaking: First, the phenomenal sale of his first book, “Modern Blacksmithing”; second, by the many letters asking for information on such work as was not treated in that book. People in general are not aware of the fact that, in our time […]

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