Laminitis Laminitis is generally known to the farrier by the term “founder.”  Laminitis is an inflammation of the sensitive laminae of the feet, destructive to the tissues affected. The causes of laminitis are many.  The most common causes are exhaustion, over-exertion, concussions, rapid changes in temperature, indigestion of various foods, and purgatives.  Concussion is the […]

Symptoms Corns always make the horse lame.  There may be intense soreness, as in suppurative corns, or slight soreness, as in dry corns.  Old horses, having chronic corns are so much used to the pain that they limp very little, especially if both feet are affected; still such horses are generally restless and move the […]

Interfering is a bad fault in a horse, and is mostly found in some horses predisposed thereto from a variety of causes, such as malformation in the feet, the feet being abnormally developed, resulting in pigeon-toe; the planting of the feet outward, or other unnatural positions and movements due to unshapely feet.  In other horses […]

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