In addition to the metal-work on the doors, in many of the large churches in France of the twelfth century, the large wheel windows are filled with ornamental iron grilles.  Noyeau has a noted example.  These grilles were more particularly used when there was no tracery, the ramifications of the iron-work almost supplying the want […]

Door Hinges The next division of the subject is the use of iron in ecclesiastical art, and this comprises hinges of doors, locks and fastenings, screens, railings and vases.  We have already seen to what perfection it could be brought in defending man against his fellow man; its nobler employment in the service of his […]

Some time since, Mr. G. H. Birch read a paper before the British Architectural Association entitled:  “The Art of the Blacksmith.”  The essential portions of this admirable essay are reproduced here as a fitting introduction to this volume: “It is not the intention of the present paper to endeavor to trace the actual working of […]

Although there are numerous legendary accounts of the important position occupied by the blacksmith, and the honors accorded him even at a period as remote in the world’s history as the tie of King Solomon, strange to relate there is no single work in the language devoted solely to the practice of the blacksmith’s art.  […]

Forging, or overreaching, is a bad habit, and a horse with this fault is not very valuable.  “Clack forging” is meant by the habit of clacking the hind and for shoes together.  This kind of forging is not serious or harmful; it will only tend to wear off the toe of the hind foot and […]

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